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Netgear Router IP Address – Default IP Address for my Netgear Router

Posted by: who last updated this on January 16, 2012

So you’ve got a Netgear router and you would like to access the router administration interface in your web browser. You need to type in the Netgear IP Address into your web browser.

For those who want the answer quickly – the default netgear router ip address is but if you are unsure what to do then follow our instructions below.

Here are our step by step instructions on how to access the control panel of the netgear router via its ip address.

1. Make sure your Netgear router is switched on and connected to your desktop or laptop computer via a network patch cable.
2. Make sure your computer is switched on and booted into the operating system (for example Microsoft Windows XP Home).
3. Make sure that your network properties are set to obtain ip address automatically.
4. Open your favourite web browser (for example internet explorer or firefox).
5. Into the address bar type the ip address for the netgear router which is  and glick go or press the enter key on your keyboard.
6. Enter the username and password for the netgear router. If you are unsure what this is then read our article on netgear default router admin username and password for further information.
7. you have now accessed the netgear router control panel using its ip address and can view or make configuration changes.


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