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missing drivers installing windows xp on fujitsu siemens scenic edition x102 MI2W D2140

Posted by: who last updated this on January 16, 2012

If you need to install or reinstall windows XP onto a MI2W-D2140 Fujitsu Siemens Scenic X102 you will need to resolve some missing drivers.

The whole process is outlined below.

fujitsu siemens scenic edition x102 windows xp desktop computer
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Ensure that you have your hard drive data and power cable connected. The stock hard drives fitted are PATA IDE hard drives.

Put your windows CD into the optical drive and power on. You may need to set the boot order so the optical drive is booted first if your hard drive already contains a windows installation.

Boot from your windows cd and perform a standard installation and follow this all the way through until you are presented with your windows desktop.

Open device manager, ( windows key + r then type devmgmt.msc and press enter ) and you will notice 2 drivers missing. These are a multimedia audio controller and a video controller ( vga compatible ). The network adapter is installed by windows setup which is shown on our test machine as ADMtek AN983 based ethernet adapter which is likely an Infineon based chipset.

With the network adapter preinstalled then this makes things a lot easier. Connect the computer to the internet using a network cable.

Verify that the internet connection is up and running by opening a web browser and visiting a familiar site, or even this one.

Once you have done this click start -> all programs -> windows update.

The chances are if this is a new installation you will have to download and install updates for windows update. Once this is complete you will be presented with a list of available updates. Look on the left and you will see select by type and under that Hardware ( optional ). Click on this link.

The chances are there will be one or two driver updates for installed hardware but we also see that the graphics hardware has been identified and a driver can be downloaded. The graphics adapter hardware in the fujitsu siemens scenic edition x102 is a SiS 661FX on board graphics. Ensure that you check at least this and any other drivers you want to update that has been detected and then click on the link Review and Install Updates.

The only missing driver now is the audio ( soundcard ) driver. The soundcard audio device on this fujitsu desktop computer is the ALC655 AC97 Onboard and uses the realtek driver. The latest driver available is a3.74 released on 04/07/2005.

Download the Realtek AC97 Audio ALC655 Driver here. [ 28.1MB ]

Alternatively go to the fujitsu support site, select your model and download the audio drivers there.

Once you have downloaded the driver extract and run the setup file to perform the driver installation. You may be required to reboot. If you have some speakers plugged in then you should hear the log on sound. If you dont then check the 3.5mm jack is plugged into the correct socket and the volume is turned up and the speakers are switched on.

After this all the drivers are now installed.

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